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A message from the Mayor's Office

Please refer to Orangeburg County for further updates pertaining to COVID-19



Regularly scheduled court has been cancelled per Order from the Chief Justice of SC. Contact will be made for rescheduling of hearing dates and times.
For further questions contact North Town Hall at 803-247-2101x101.


Graduating Class of 2020

Fri, 06/05/2020

Tuesday, June 2, 2020, the 2020 graduating class of North Middle High School lined up in preparations of their class parade from Town Hall to the school. The streets were lined with cars, packed with family and friends. Cars were decorated and excitement was palpable. Once the procession arrived at the school they circled the around and passed before the faculty and staff. The parade was offered as a way for the students to be recognized intimately by school staff, and to offer students and teachers alike an opportunity to say goodbye.

This year's class was represented by Jayla Young (valedictorian) and Amanda Whitehead (salutatorian).

When speaking with North Middle High's principal, Ms. Kuterah Singletary told us how proud of the graduating class she was, a sentiment that is shared by many.

                                                                            To the 2020 graduating class of North Middle High School - congratulations!

                                                                       -North Town Hall

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